A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Will be available in 60 days.

Explore a ruined open world of caverns and settlements. Hack and slash your way through missions: patrol, repair, scavenge - choose your quests and dialogue. Or go fishing, forage mushrooms, and race the clock! The old world is gone - the future is up to you.

Kandria is a hand-crafted 2D action game, which combines the wall-climbing verticality and puzzle platforming of Celeste, with the tight hack and slash swordplay of NieR:Automata, all set within an epic, post-apocalyptic RPG world. Venture far and wide, determine who is truly friend or foe, and recruit what allies you can to help you survive.

  • Play as The Stranger, a powerful android recently unearthed from the ruins of the old world.
  • Fight against rogue robots and malcontent humans - you’re faster, stronger, and more resilient. But are you smarter?
  • When you think you’ve mastered things, prepare yourself for epic boss battles with beasts and machines, which slumber and lurk deep beneath the earth.

  • Explore vast, open and interconnected levels full of non-linear missions, challenging platforming, and gorgeous pixel art decay - cross the barren surface, or spelunk deep underground.
  • Meet diverse characters and factions struggling to survive; determine friend from foe, and choose allies wisely as you forge your own future amongst the ruins.
  • Experience an epic story of mystery, grit and self-determination, all the way to its inevitable end.

  • Made by a tiny team headed by Shinmera, an indie developer of not only games but also art and software, who crafted the unique engine, world, art style and story.
  • Features thousands of frames of hand-drawn, hand-animated pixel art characters and locations, and an atmospheric, futuresynth soundtrack.
  • Built in Trial, a highly-moddable, custom game engine and toolset created just for this title, which lets you mod content and create your own levels.
  • Indie love and passion guaranteed.


Will be available in 60 days.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

kandria-windows-linux.zip 222 MB
Version 0.2.6

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Congratulations on the upcoming release! I love your Common Lisp work.