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Hi, I'm having some trouble getting the game to run; when I open "kandria-windows" I get a black screen for a few seconds, but then the application minimizes to my taskbar and the process repeats without progress if I attempt to maximize it. Any help is appreciated, please let me know if you need any additional information from this end. Thank you in advance.

Noticed that the game was updated and tried again; version 1.1.14 doesn't seem to work at all on my computer, I double-click the aforementioned .exe file and nothing happens. Please advise whenever you have a moment.

Sorry, I have no clue what's going wrong with your setup. I've not heard any other reports of similar issues, and can't reproduce the problem on my own machines.

Is there any additional information I can provide that might help figure out what the issue is, perhaps the "trial.log" file I attempted to send via the instructions on the game's Steam forum, that was returned as undeliverable? Thanks in advance.

That's odd. Forwarding it to should work just fine. Can you try a different email account?

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I really liked this game's exploration, but I felt the combat need a little bit of work. I managed. It's a fun game overall and I backed the game... I was the 9th I believe lol.


This was enjoyable. The lisp caught me by surprise.


Glad to hear you had a good time! :)

What engine was Kandria made with ?


Kandria was made with the Trial engine:


Loving it, haven't enjoyed a game this much in a long while. The ambiance and game mechanics are splendid. Playing feels like a breeze.


Aw, very glad to hear that! Hope you'll continue to enjoy it to the end :)

Just caught a shark!
Common lisp caught my eye when Kandria was mentioned on Mastodon quite a while ago but it's hard to express how much I am enjoying it. Platform mechanics bring me years back to the good ol' days of Jumper games, but the immersive open world keeps me on the edge after hours of gameplay. Thank you so much :)


kinda good game needs some work but very good game in gen too much money.


Congratulations on the upcoming release! I love your Common Lisp work.