A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A dangerous criminal is on the loose, rushing through secret government in the cover of the night, pilfering all the valuable technology they have hidden away.

Play as the Outsider; stealth your way around guards, or take them out silently. Find the three secret technologies hidden in the military base and augment your abilities.

Playable with keyboard or gamepad. A tutorial on the controls is provided in-game.

Made in 3 hours for Ludum Dare 45 using the Trial lisp game engine. Brought to you by:

  • Nicolas Hafner (Shinmera)
  • Joram Schrijver (Mood)
  • Janne Pakarinen (Gingerale)


lin-ld45.zip 19 MB
mac-ld45.zip 17 MB
win-ld45.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

Extract and run the ld45 executable.

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